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Invisalign® – Braintree, MA

Invisible Treatment, Beautiful Results

Do you want a straighter smile but don’t like the thought of having metal braces? Now you can straighten your teeth without the self-consciousness, discomfort, and inconvenience that come with traditional braces. Invisalign uses removable clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth in less time than conventional orthodontics. Plus, all of our general dentist at Pinnacle Dental have been certified by Invisalign to provide you with this incredible treatment.

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Why Choose Pinnacle Dental For Invisalign? 

How Does Invisalign Work?

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Invisalign is an alternative orthodontic treatment to traditional braces. Instead of metal bands, brackets, rubber bands, and wires that are connected to your teeth, it uses a series of clear plastic aligners to gently move them into their ideal positions. The trays are designed by a computer to move your teeth in a precise and strategic way that offers long-lasting and faster results.

Every six to eight weeks while you’re undergoing treatment, you’ll visit our office for a progress check and to collect your new sets of aligners. Each pair of trays will be worn for two weeks, and then you switch to the next one. Once you have gone through the full sequence, you’ll be able to enjoy a smile that’s free of crowding, misalignment, gaps, and bite problems.

Indications for Invisalign

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Invisalign isn’t always the best choice for every patient. You can find out by scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in Braintree. We will examine your mouth, teeth, and gums, to help you determine if it’s the ideal orthodontic solution for you. If it is, we can take the necessary impressions to get your customized trays made and start you on your way to a straighter smile. Here are some problems that you can look forward to fixing with Invisalign treatment.

Crowded Teeth

Having bunched-up and crowded teeth can distract from your otherwise beautiful smile. This orthodontic issue can also make it difficult to easily brush and floss your teeth, increasing your risk of developing gum disease.

Gaps Between Teeth

Some people find gaps between their teeth unattractive, causing them to have low self-esteem in social situations. These spaces can also cause food particle and bacteria buildup, increasing your chances of experiencing bad breath and developing oral health problems.

Minor Bite Alignment Issues

Even minor bite problems can create worse issues down the road. They can place pressure on a certain area of your jaw, causing you to develop bad oral habits such as grinding and clenching your teeth. This can lead to rapid enamel erosion, worn-down teeth, and dental decay.

Benefits of Invisalign

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Patients commonly choose Invisalign in Braintree because it offers countless advantages over traditional metal braces. The aligners are easy to incorporate into just about any patients’ lifestyle, they also offer other benefits, including:

Cost of Invisalign

Every mouth, orthodontic situation, and treatment timeline is unique, which makes quoting one specific price for clear braces in Braintree impossible. The best way to learn about what your unique process will look like is to schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist. We will walk you through the details of your treatment, including the cost, length of time you’ll be wearing your aligners for, and what problems will be fixed.

At Pinnacle Dental we also offer additional financing options through CareCredit and accept dental insurance. If you have any questions about your coverage or the cost of the procedure, don’t hesitate to contact our office!

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